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At Mercury Hearing we provide custom made ear plugs to suit everyone, whatever their needs. Your sense of hearing is incredibly important; once it is damaged it can’t be repaired.

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Custom Made

Ear plugs to suit everyone

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Our custom ear plugs optimise comfort, fit and performance

Whether you’re a shooting enthusiast, motorsports fanatic, frequent flyer, keen swimmer, musician, or perhaps an employee in a noisy environment, it’s vital that you protect your hearing from lasting and irreversible damage. Your ears are as unique as you are and your hearing is precious, so don’t settle for ill-fitting ear plugs. Enjoy custom and comfortable hearing protection from Mercury Hearing Ltd.

How loud is too loud?

Whilst you might not think that you are regularly exposed to noises loud enough to cause lasting damage to your hearing, being exposed to sounds over 85db for extended periods of time can cause permanent damage to your hearing.

So that must mean that 85db is pretty loud, right? Wrong! In actual fact, 85db is the same level of noise as an average vacuum, and is less than the level of noise typically created by a lawnmower or a hair dryer. The risk of damage increases substantially as you move up the decibel (db) scale.

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Maximum protection

Our range of moulded ear plugs offer reliable protection against the risks of noise damage, whilst creating a comfortable fit in your ear.

Simple, hassle-free process

From taking the initial impressions of your ears, through to delivering the finished moulds, we ensure that the process is simple, safe and straight-forward every step of the way. We manage the entire process in-house, so you can rest assured that you will always receive the highest standard of service and the best possible craftsmanship. With over 40 years’ experience you’re in good hands!

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