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How Loud Is Too Loud?

During a normal day, at work or in our social lives, we are continuously surrounded by noise. Some noises are relatively quiet and some can be extremely loud, but how loud is too loud?

Government advice says that a safe exposure limit is 85 decibels for eight hours a day. Sounds over 85db can cause permanent damage to your hearing. This could be a loud blast, such as an explosion, or extended exposure to sounds at that decibel level.

To put it into context, 85db is a similar noise level to busy city traffic and is less than a hairdryer. Your MP3 player at full volume is over 100db, whilst a firework or gunshot is around 140db.



Hearinglink.org has an article up giving some fantastic advice on hearing protection. It tells you how to safely listen to portable music devices, how to protect your hearing at work and what to do at public/social events.

At work, employers must provide hearing protection if the daily or weekly average exposure is 85db. You can find out more information regarding legal requirements for an employer at the HSE website.

You can download a HSE Noise at Work leaflet here

Now you know how loud too loud is, you should think more about how to protect your hearing.

At Mercury Hearing, we provide custom ear plugs and ear phones designed for comfort that will give you complete protection.

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