Just One Loud Music Event Can Permanently Damage Your Hearing

If you’ve attended music festivals and/or live music gigs, without hearing protection in the past, you may have already done irreparable damage to your ears.

Last month, former Spandau Ballet star and actor Martin Kemp revealed his battle with tinnitus after years of loud music and screaming fans.

In a report published by the Daily Mail, Kemp spoke of how the condition occasionally drives him to distraction. In the same report, Nick Taylor said that the star’s hearing loss is “typical of the type caused by exposure to very loud noise”.

Mr Taylor, who is chief audiologist at Specsavers continued to explain how hearing damage occurs.

“The damage happens when loud noise overexcites the tiny hair cells in our inner ear, so they wear out quickly. The extent depends on how loud and for how long the exposure is.

“As a rule, if you use headphones at a level where other people can also hear the music, it’s too loud. Do this for more than 20 minutes a day and it will damage your hearing. Over a period of five years, you will have permanent hearing damage.”

In another article, published on the Huffington Post, Director of the Hearing Clinic, Bridgitte Harley says:

“We don’t shove sharp objects into our eyes as part of some recreational experience, so we really shouldn’t be blasting our ears with loud music.”

The only way to prevent this damage is to protect your ears. At Mercury Hearing, we provide custom-fitted hearing protection that will ensure you don’t suffer any long term hearing problems.

So, if you’re going to a gig or festival any time soon, contact us to find out how we can help you to protect your hearing.

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