With over forty years’ experience behind us, we are a trusted provider of ear moulds to the NHS, private dispensers and individual clients.

Producing high performance ear moulds, based on impressions taken from patients and clients ears by NHS and private audiologists, our custom made ear plugs offer optimum comfort and enhanced performance when used in conjunction with a hearing aid. We use medical grade materials and offer a fast, efficient service to audiologists in both NHS and private settings without compromising on quality or fit. What’s more, we also offer a wide range of colours and finishes at no extra cost!

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Medical Plugs

Tinnitus is a common and disruptive problem. To combat this we have created our own medical ear moulds with a silicone skin, which can help reduce the effects of Tinnitus by moderating the volume of ambient daytime noise, in order to minimise the volume change when entering a quieter environment and, as such, reducing the perception of tinnitus noise.

Hand made in our dedicated lab, all of our medical and NHS ear plugs are designed to be both comfortable and hard-wearing. We also make ear moulds for hearing aids for a wide range of NHS patients and private clients, as well as swim plugs to help prevent Swimmers’ Ear and a variety of other water-born infections.

For more information on our service, providing custom ear moulds to NHS Trusts and private dispensers, please do not hesitate to contact us, or ask us about a trial.

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