We have a wide range of shooting ear plugs which will help you remain safe and secure and are so comfortable you can forget you have them in. This allows you to focus on what you are doing without fear of them falling out or getting in the way of the gun stock

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Motorsports – Cars

Motorsports combine high noise levels with vital communication needs – creating a demanding environment that requires optimum hearing protection and clear communication.

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Ear plugs for sleeping can also be beneficial for frequent travellers, night shift workers, and those who regularly stay in hotels – blocking out external noises without compromising on your comfort and ability to move – and you can still hear alarms.

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Our music ear plugs offer the perfect level of protection for everyone from sound engineers, road crews, and gig and club goers, to musicians, bands, and DJs – protecting your ears whilst bringing down the overall sound level, without compromising the tone or quality of the sound. Our “Filtered” plugs are ideal in this situation.

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Expertly hand made in our dedicated laboratories, our custom ear plugs are comfortable, reliable, and hygienic – so you can enjoy your favourite water sports safe in the knowledge that your ears are receiving optimum protection.

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We make everyday flight plugs to make your journey more comfortable but we also make tailor made pilot communication plugs and ear plugs please contact us with your individual needs and we will price the perfect product for you

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Our security plugs allow you to connect your radio in to a comfortable ear mould that perfectly fits your ear every time. It comes with a security wire with a and a jack to connect to your radio. If you need a different connection you can use an adaptor or talk to us about specific connections.

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Motorsports – Bikes

It doesn’t matter if you are touring, going to work or racing a Super Bike you need to reduce the noise you are exposed to down to a safe level – which still allows you to enjoy that engine note from your bike. With the drive for lighter helmets, the wind rush on your bike brings with it the risk of tinnitus – that ringing in your ears – which once you have, it does not go away.

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