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Our plugs have a wide range of uses for motorcyclists and bikers from noise protection to enhanced functionality and enjoyment. All of our plugs are hand carved to ensure they fit comfortably under a crash helmet.
It doesn’t matter if you are touring, going to work or racing a Super Bike you need to reduce the noise you are exposed to down to a safe level – which still allows you to enjoy that engine note from your bike. With the drive for lighter helmets, the wind rush on your bike brings with it the risk of tinnitus – that ringing in your ears – which once you have, it does not go away. Enjoy our custom moulded pro-plugs to give you the comfortable, perfectly fitting, hearing protection you need to combat noise and tinnitus.

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Apollos - £140 / £160 with filter
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Filter Plug - £80
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Bluetooth - £160 / £180 with filter

Many people who enjoy riding their motorbike also enjoy being able to listen to music or use their satellite navigation systems. Mercury Hearing Ltd have a range of solutions to help riders to benefit from their sound and navigation systems and enhance their riding experience.

If you already have in-helmet sound, navigation or communications solutions you can enjoy using our filtered plugs to provide you with protection against excessive noise and tinnitus whilst enabling you to clearly hear music, travel information and communicate with your passenger or other riders in your group.

We have excellent solutions for riders who want to hear music and navigation systems by connecting directly to them. Our Apollo plugs have dynamic speakers built in to the plugs – which provide excellent sound quality whilst providing hearing protection at the same time. (You can also get a microphone option with our Apollos). If you require dual or triple drivers we can use balanced armature drivers to satisfy your needs.

We also have a bluetooth option as an alternative to the Apollo plugs which allows you to dispense with the wires going down to your radio or sat nav and synchronises with them using bluetooth technology. This unit is unique, providing the same excellent sound quality as the Apollos, it benefits from noise suppression to cut out wind noise and a microphone as well, whilst still providing that all important hearing protection.

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