Many keen swimmers will be familiar with the much-dreaded “Swimmers’ Ear” – a common and painful inflammation of the ear canal.

The good news is that this condition is incredibly easy to prevent with the use of our swimming ear plugs. At Mercury Hearing, we offer a wide range of custom moulded ear plugs for swimming, which provide the perfect solution for swimmers, surfers, kayakers and other water-sports enthusiasts and professionals, looking to reduce the risk of “Swimmers’ Ear” and other water-born infections.

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Swim Plugs - £60
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Swim Plugs - £60
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Swim Plugs - £60
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Swim Plugs - £60

Expertly hand made in our dedicated laboratories, our custom ear plugs are comfortable, reliable, and hygienic – so you can enjoy your favourite water sports safe in the knowledge that your ears are receiving optimum protection.

Kayakers may prefer to have their plugs corded so if they are surfing or on whitewater they can take them out between sections of rapids or waves, or when portaging boats, without the worry of where to put them.

Made from only the finest and most robust materials, our swimming ear plugs are also available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, so not only do they perform to the highest possible standard, but they also look great too! Why not have them done in your club colours?

Swimming ear plugs are also beneficial for children and younger swimmers, who tend to be more susceptible to infection. Our experienced and friendly team will ensure that they fit perfectly, and combine comfort, protection, and ease of use.

For further information about our swimming ear plugs, or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact our expert team.

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