Why Custom?

Did you know that being exposed to sounds over 85db for extended periods of time can cause permanent damage to your hearing? So 85db must be pretty loud, right? In actual fact, 85db is the same level of noise as an average vacuum, and is less than the level of noise typically created by a lawnmower or a hair dryer.

With this in mind, imagine how much of a risk you’re putting your hearing at on a daily basis if you work in a loud environment or with noisy equipment. Repeated exposure to loud noises over a period of time can damage hearing, as can loud, sudden noises such as gunshots or explosions.

So, if you are regularly exposed to high frequency noise, it’s vital that you protect your ears against potentially irreversible damage. That’s where custom ear plugs come in – providing a tailor-made, highly effective hearing defence.

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Optimum Comfort

Whether you are a swimmer, a DJ, an airport or factory worker, or maybe someone who enjoys live or loud music, shooting or riding a motorbike, our custom hearing protection solutions are designed to offer optimum comfort. Carefully moulded to provide the perfect fit, our custom ear plugs and custom ear phones can be made from a range of materials to cater to your specific needs.

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Enhanced Fit

Custom ear plugs offer an enhanced fit which means they can be worn when moving around or exercising, without fear of them falling out.

For further information about custom ear plugs, please call us on 01444 400494 during office hours or email julie@mercuryhearing.com.

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Custom Made

Ear plugs to suit everyone

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